Agnieszka Laska Dancers

OT poster  single leap OBSCURE TERRAIN
1050 anniversary of Polish statehood

APRIL 16 @ 7:00 pm
Polish Hall
3832 N Interstate
Portland, OR 97227

FREE and open to a public
donations to Oregon Food Bank accepted
suggested donation:
2 cans of nonperishable food

The Christianisation of Poland refers to the introduction and subsequent spread of Christianity in Poland. The impetus to the process was the Baptism of Poland, the personal baptism of Mieszko I, the first ruler of the Polish state, and much of his court. The ceremony took place on the Holy Saturday of 14 April 966, and within several decades Poland joined the rank of established European states recognized by the papacy and the Holy Roman Empire. The baptism of Poland marks the beginning of Polish statehood.

Agnieszka Laska Dancers joins nationwide celebrations with special concert organized by Polish Library Association featuring pianist Jennifer Wright, and Polish School in Portland.

Dancers: Allie Fahsholz, Sharon Lane, Lauren Sprague, Sophie Stensvad, Merlin Benneth;
concept and choreography: Agnieszka Laska
music: Jennifer Wright

Don't miss this chance to hear Jennifer Wright's "Obscure Terrain" - a 40-minute suite for the world's only deconstructed "Skeleton Piano" - performed live with stunning choreography by the Agnieszka Laska Dancers and custom-designed video art by filmmaker Takafumi Uehara!

This intimate setting will allow the audience to cozy right up to this fascinating instrument to experience close-up how Jennifer creates a wild array of unusual sounds and what OregonArtsWatch called "devastatingly poignant music".

One night only, all ages,

BIEGUNI poster  Beksa chair BIEGUNI
turns domestic security on its head, through worship of movement, unfettered freedom, vagrancy and homelessness, salvation through motion at every level, salvation from mortal stagnation - dance theatre of unfathomable depth.

BIEGUNI (the Runners) is a 55min. dance theater performance, with original music. The work is based on a novel by Polish writer, Olga Tokarczuk. Bieguni is a Russian orthodox sect that believes all evil stems from stagnation, and that only people, continually in motion, can save the world. The idea that moving the body is a sacred act translates marvelously into dance. Laska takes this concept into our own urban underbelly, bringing a homeless busker and day laborer to the stage.

Under supervision of ALD Artistic Director, Agnieszka Laska, 6 company dancers interpret different characters, each depicting a different thread from within the novel. From these components lead choreographer Laska builds the overarching dramaturgy, blending and alternating the stories. ALD Resident Composer Jack Gabel’s original music drives the dance.

Zdzislaw Beksinski’s paintings montage in wall projections. Beksinski’s renowned work haunts the collective Polish conscience with reflections of the 20th century’s indelible horrors and deprivations. Laska feels they’ve risen from her own subconscious, forcing their way into BIEGUNI.

Concept, choreography and lights: Agnieszka Laska
Music: Jack Gabel, Frederic Chopin, Slavic religious chants
Dancers: Allie Fahsholz, Sharon Lane, Lauren Sprague, Sophie Stensvad, Merlin Benneth, Niqi Cavanaugh
Musicians: Lucia Conrad - violin, Flora Sussely - soprano, Florian Conzetti, Brian Gardiner - percussion

Only in Portland, only for three nights: join us for an unforgettable evening of dynamic music, incredible visuals and passionate choreography!

Generous support for this event is provided by Ronni Lacroute & Willakenzie Estate, RACC & Work for Art, Consulate General of Polish Republic in LA, Polish Library Association and Polish Festival.

APRIL 1, 2, 3 (Fri. & Sat. @ 7:30 pm; Sun. @ 6 pm)
810 SE Belmont
Portland, OR 97214

admission: $15 - $25 - tickets at the door
info: 503.715.1866 - email hidden; JavaScript is required -

ALD is a modern, multi-media, dance company — now in its 12th year. We've staged over 180 performances in 3 countries on 2 continents with over 250 different dancers, 150 musicians, 12 actors, 14 children and 1 dog — over 22,000 have attended at wide-ranging venues, including 5 international dance festivals. ALD prides itself on the extensive number of performances we've staged with musicians aboard (i.e. not in the can). Our signature is collaboration — we relish it and consistently deliver inspired highbred art.
We are a tax exempt 501(c)(3) public benefit, non-profit corporation. We serve the community in the fine arts tradition as a modern dance company. Our artistic/educational mission is to advance the art of modern dance, primarily through engaging performance, coupled with educational opportunities when they arise and are pertinent to the work.
All pictures by Chris Leck Photography

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